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QUANTIFIERS QU 1 Fill in: much, many, lots of, a lot of, little, most, a little, little, a few, few. 1. It seems we have had a lot of, many, lots of assignments in English this year. 2. How much do we have to read this week? 3. Most, Many, A lot of Americans don’t like George Bush 4. There aren’t very many books in the library. 5. I think he drank a lot of, lots of, much wine last xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1ai Size: KB.

much/little free time because I have a lot of/ few hobbies. Please write to me soon and tell me a little/little about your school. Best wishes, Ann. 8. Complete the sentences with SOME/ANY/MUCH/MANY/A LOT OF/(A) FEW/(A) LITTLE. In some sentences several variants are possible. 1. Come here. There is _____dirt on your collar. 2. I love xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1ai Size: KB. 4. He has little money.

D. She didn’t eat much. 5. I’ve seen few Russian films. E. He’s got few friends. 6. She ate little. F. There aren’t many good restaurants here.

7. There are a few good restaurants here. G. He’s got a few friends. 8. He has a little money. H. He’s got some money. 9. She ate a little food. I. There are some Missing: exercises. We use o little and o few to refer to small We use a little with uncountable nouns. We only need a little mi\K for the We use a few with plural countable nouns.

Meals are healthier if Iou add a feu vegetables. Much and many are used in negative sentences and questions to ta k about larger quantities. We use much with uncountable nouns.

LITTLE - FEW Use LITTLE with singular and uncountable nouns little time little information little sugar Use FEW with plural and countable nouns few players few coins few letters INGLÉS SOME - ANY, LITTLE – FEW, MUCH - MANY 1. Do the exercises adding some or any: a) We need _____bananas.

I have a few books on the topic if you would like to borrow them. She’s lucky. She has few problems. London has little sunshine in the winter. That’s why so many British people go on holiday to sunny places! There’s a little spaghetti left in the cupboard. Shall we eat it tonight? There are few programmes on television. much, many – a little, a few. 1. When do we use much and when many? Before Nouns.

We use much with uncountable nouns (water, coffee, money, time etc.); We use many with plural countable nouns (cars, tables, people, trees etc.,); For Questions and Negative Sentences. How much money have you got?; How many people were at the party?; I haven’t got much money. Tìm kiếm much many a lot of few little exercises pdf, much many a lot of few little exercises pdf tại doc - Thư viện trực tuyến hàng đầu Việt Nam.

Exercises. a/an or some – English sentences – Exercise; a few, a little – Exercise 1; a few, a little – Exercise 2; a few, a little in sentences – Exercise; each or every – Exercise; few, little in sentences – Exercise; how much or how many – Exercise; much or many – Exercise 1; A little or little / A few or few Exercise A Few / A Little Worksheet 2 / 3 / 4 Drag and Drop Exercises: A little or A few Exercise 1 / 2 / 3 Quantifiers Mixed Exercise 1 Quantifiers Mixed Exercise 2 Some or Any Exercise 1 / 2 / 3 Much vs Many / 2 Other Drag & Drop Grammar Exercises Multiple Choice: Quantifiers Tests PDF Exercises: 1 / 2 / 3.

A few, Few, A little, Little Exercise Š A few ­ countables / positive meaning ð We´ve got a lettuce and a few tomatoes Š Few ­ countables / negative meaning ð Few people in my street recycle their rubbish Š A little ­ uncountables / positive meaning ð I normally have a little wine with my lunchFile Size: KB.

Exercises on SOME, ANY, FEW, A FEW, THE FEW, LITTLE, A LITTLE, THE LITTLE, MUCH, MANY, MORE, MOST, EACH, EVERY, LESS (Editable with Key) Level: intermediate Age: b) much b) much 2. I want to buy a new sports car, but I moved to this city last week, so I I only have money. still don’t have friends. a) a few a) many b) a little b) much 3. There are people waiting outside There is bread on the table next to the theater.

the jam. a) many a) a few b) much b) a little 4. Few - little: quantifiers exercises. A few, a little, fewer, xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1ai grammar exercises online. Quantity words. Interactive exercises for esl. Much, many, little, few, some, any: grammar chart. many/much. many for countable, much for uncountable in (?) (-) We use many before plural (countable) nouns and much before uncountable nouns. We use them in negative sentences and questions. We don’t normally use them in affirmative sentences.

There isn’t much coffee in the xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1aig: pdf. little much many few. 7. He is very rich. There is _____ money in his wallet. some many any much. 8. How _____ water does he drink? much many some any. 9. Don't eat so _____ chocolate or you will get fat.

many some much any. There is _____ butter left. We need to buy _____. few / any little / some much / many few / some. Score = Correct. 3 House and home Exercise 1 - some, any, much, many, a lot of, a little, a few.

Sep 02,  · Some / Any / No - A Lot Of / Much / Many - (A) Little / (A) Few Test A2 - B1 Grammar Exercises 18 Multiple Choice Questions With Answers Some / Any / No - A Lot Of / Much / Many - (A) Little / (A) Few Test A2 - B1 Grammar Exercises. Much/many or a few/a little. Fill in the blanks with much/many or a few/a little. Twitter Share English exercise "Much/many or a few/a little." created by felin with The test builder.

[More lessons & exercises from felin] Click here to see the current stats of this English test. Exercise about using 'a little', 'little', 'a few' and 'few'. Exercises; Explanations; Courses; Few / A Few / Little / A Little Exercise 1. Review 'a few', 'few', 'little' and 'a little' here.

Download this quiz in PDF here. This exercise comes from my book: A and The Explained. Need more practice? Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses.

countables - uncountables exercise. An easy exercise to help students understand the use of many, much, a few a little. She is thinking about buying [ a few / few / a little / little ] new CD's next week. We got to the airport early because there was very [ a few / few / a little / little ] traffic at 3 am. Since we got there early, we had [ a few / few / a little / little ] time to catch a nap in the xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1aig: exercises. There is no much difference between the two phrases.

2. When do we use a little/little and when a few/few? a little: non countable nouns (milk, marmalade, money, time etc.) a few: countable nouns (bottles of milk, jars of marmalade, dollars, minutes etc.) Examples: He has a little money left. He has a few. §2 Much, many, (a) few, (a) little, a lot (of) Basic uses of much and many We use much with singular uncountable nouns: much money.

We use many with plural countable nouns: many trees. 1. in negative statements: There isn t much space in this flat. There aren t many pandas in China. 2. in questions: Is there much demand for silk stoking? much many lot few little any no A: How 1 friends do you have on Facebook?.

B: I have a 2; maybe one xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1ai from all those Facebook friends, very 3 are my real friends. And you? A: Well, I have 4 time for social networks because I'm always working. So I don't have 5 friends at all. B: I don't have 6 time now either, because I work long hours too, but I think I'm addicted to Facebook.

Many - much - a lot of - how much - how many: worksheets, handouts, printable resources. Free grammar resources online for esl. Mar 06,  · Many vs Much_ A Few vs A Little MCQ Grammar Quiz - Test - Exercise 18 Free Online English Grammar Quizzes - Tests - Exercises About Many vs Much_ A Few vs A Little MCQ Grammar Quiz - Test - Exercise. some - any - a little - a few - much - many Words to express quantity in English.

Some, any, a little, a few are used to express quantity, to say or ask if you have a quantity of something or not. Here are 3 exercises to practice using the quantifiers (any / some, how much / how many, (a) little / (a) few). 20, Downloads Quantifiers a lot of many much a little a few.

A few or A little – Exercise 1 Elementary A few or A little – Exercise 2 Elementary A few or A little – in sentences – Exercise 3 Elementary. FEW, A FEW,LITTLE,A LITTLE A few examples of the use of these difficult words followed by an exercise and KEY 7, Downloads Quantifiers (many, much, a few, a little, some, any) 2. Much - many - (a) little - (a) few - a lot of - some - any - Free online exercises - Practise English quantifiers. Much or many? Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3, Exercise 4, Exercise 5, Exercise 6, Exercise 7, Exercise 8, Exercise 9, Exercise 10,Missing: pdf.

Complete the sentences with much, many or a lot xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1ai sentences are informal. We don’t watch television. television: uncountable noun, negative sentence → much; How languages can you speak?

languages: countable noun, question → many; Take as time as you need. time: uncountable noun, positive sentence → as much; I have flowers in my garden. flowers: countable nouns, positive. use. English normally uses many and much in negative (+ not / n’t) and interrogative (+?) sentences. English normally uses a lot of / lots of in affirmative sentences (an affirmative sentence is not a question and does not contain not / n’t) ; exercises much and many. exercise 1: choose much or many ; exercise 2: choose much or many; exercise 3: choose much or many.

Little refers to non-countable nouns, and is used with the singular form to indicate that something exists only in a small amount or to a slight xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1ai refers to countable nouns, and is used with the plural form to indicate not many persons or things. For example: I’ve got little money left in my account.; Ben has few friends in xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1aig: pdf. exercises much,many, few, xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1ai - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

exercises for much or many, few and little. little, a little, less. Exercise instructions. Choose the correct answer to fill the gap in each of the following sentences. questions go here scoregoes here. Few, a few: The difference between a few and a little is that a few is use for a plural countable noun and a little is use for an uncountable noun. MUCH AND MANY Exercise 1: Decide whether you have to use much or many.

Tick the correct answer. A MUCH B MANY a TEA A MUCH B MANY a FLOWERS A MUCH B MANY a MONEY A MUCH B MANY a FOOD Exercise 2: Choose whether to use MUCH or MANY in the sentences? 1. My brother is very busy. He hasn't got time. 2. A little und a few Übungen - a little or a few exercises. Englisch Übungen für a little oder a few mit Regeln, Beispielen und Lösungen. PDF exercises. Englisch Arbeitsblätter für a little oder a few mit einfachen Beispielen zum Online-Lernen mit Erklärungen.

Übungen für Klasse 5, Klasse 6, Klasse 7, Klasse 8 und Klasse 9. Übungen zu a. with a few, (very) few, a little, or (very) little.´ 1. I think that some lemon juice in water makes it taste better. 2. Many people have graduate degrees, but not many people have more than two graduate degrees. 3. You may reach your goal if you put forth some more effort. 4. A few/a little Much/many Much/many/a lot of Some/any Some/any/much/many Too/enough Live Worksheets Worksheets that listen. Worksheets that speak.

Worksheets that motivate students. Worksheets that save paper, ink and time. High Quality ESL Lesson Plans - Free Samples - $26 Membership Be a better teacher! Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Míg a much és a many azt jelentik, hogy sok, addig a little/few páros azt jelenti, hogy kevés. A little és few szavakat használhatod kijelentő, kérdő és tagadó mondatban is.A különbség a kettő között pont ugyanaz lesz, mint a much és a many között, azaz az egyik a megszámlálható, a másik pedig a nem megszámlálható főnevekre fog xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1aig: exercises · pdf.

Exercises: Countable and uncountable nouns VI - a few / a little Countable and uncountable nouns: a few / a little Elige la opción correcta. 1 Could you bring us ____ water? a little a few 2 Could you possibly lend me ____ tomatoes? a few a little 3 There's. เทคนิคการใช้ Few, A few, Little, A little คำศัพท์ภาษาอังกฤษที่ใช้บอกจำนวน มีอยู่หลายคำ หากไม่ได้บอกเป็นตัวเลขตรงๆ ก็มักจะบอกแบบรวมๆว่ามากหรือน้อย. Rzeczowniki policzalne i niepoliczalne w języku angielskim - Ćwiczenia i testy interaktywne z języka angielskiego.

Polecenie: Insert some, any, much, many in the xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1aig: exercises. Phillip owns many properties in France. We didn’t earn much profit this year. How much money have you got? Sharon does not have many friends. There are too many students in this class. It doesn’t need much milk. We had so much fun. I spent many days xn----ctbrlmtni3e.xn--p1aig: pdf.

[ePub] Esercizi Much Many A Lot Of A Few A Little Pdf Date: | Size: Mb Much, many, little, few e a lot sono tutti pronomi indefiniti, non aggettivi!